Hi I’m Tina Johnson, I love going to Calgary Flames games, I am a season ticket holder but go to most of the games myself – my husband joins me periodically along the season but his passions lie elsewhere.  Thanks to WordPress I can share my experiences and joy of the game here with other fans.  I write the content and usually unless otherwise state or if I’m in the photo lol – I did the photography on this site.

On a Ferry Boat with my Hubby on the Bosphurus in Turkey

Me and my Hubby on the Bosphorus in Turkey

Framed pictures of Gerry Cheevers Mask and Jean Béliveau

Signed Gerry Cheevers Mask and Jean Béliveau Pictures on my Wall

Update: Since I have started this blog and posted my 2 memorabilia pics on the wall, with a few more collected and many pics I have taken and had signed myself, they now cover the wall between floors and here’s new pics as of March 2013 :

Some of my Sports pic collection

   A Few additions, many of my own photos, this is top of the stairs view.

2013-02-11 09.19.59 IMG_0114IMG_0113-1

I am absolutely no expert on the game, never played it, still learning the intricacies and even basics of the game – I always watch it focusing on the human excitement and drama – I’m not an analyst when I speak or write about the game, I even get names and numbers wrong LOL trying to work on that, but I focus on the human element, the humor .. such as how funny it looks when the net falls over and Kiprusoff is caught under it, can’t help that it made me laugh out loud, or how the heck can a stick fly completely horizontally up in the air and over the glass into the crowd, not broken?  Or like in the last game of pre-season, how the heck did we only have 4 players on the ice for quite a period of seconds when there was no one in the penalty box?  ROFL these are the things that make me shake my head and take notice — of course I”m in awe at great saves, passes, and goals etc., but I sure do find a lot of other entertaining elements in the game as well, and that’s more my specialty than who did what, or should be where, or should or shouldn’t be playing which position.

I give much honour and credit to in general giving me a love of sport from such an off keel perspective, a man that could make even a non-sports fan listen to a sports show religiously for decades — my Parents hated him when I was a kid, always telling me to turn him off when we had dinner etc. and ranted about how aweful he was flushing people down the toilet etc. … but I remember once I went off to camp and came home to them giving me a full recap of all that went on that week during his show — a great Broadcaster of Sport and Life that we lost recently as I write this, Ted Tevan.

Ted Teven - Sports Talk Broadcaster - Sports Rap - Montreal

Ted Tevan – Sports Rap – Sports Talk Broadcaster Montreal

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He not only has a lot to do with how I view sports as life, but life period.  He also was a huge influence in me having my own career in broadcasting, giving me the burning desire at a young age to do it myself at a time when few women pursued the profession past traffic, weather and the rare news person.

I dedicate anything I say or write about sport to Ted Tevan – May he be remembered as a Legend in Canadian Radio and Sports Broadcasting.

Again, I lived in Edmonton while Gretzky helped bring them the cup, lol more Parades – and the first playoff games I ever attended.  I will draw a slight veil over my years in Toronto LOLOL but I did go to a few Blue Jay games when I lived there.

Here’s a pic I took at one of those Oiler Parades :

2 Edmonton Oilers with the Stanley Cup in a Parade in Edmonton

Sir Stanely between Two Oilers in a Parade in Edmonton

I was living in Drumheller the year The Flames won the Stanley Cup, alas working as an overnight radio host there, I hardly had bus fare never mind able to buy tickets to games at the time, but when I went to Nashville in June that year, I sported a T-shirt flouting “Calgary Flames” Stanley Cup Champions as I interviewed many country stars for my radio pursuits — here’s a pic of me at the Ryman Auditorium – with it during a tour, pretending to sing to

the masses LOL –

Tina wearing Calgary Flames 1989 Champions T-Shirt at Ryman Auditorum, Nashville 1989

Me in Calgary Flames Champions T shirt 1989 at Ryman Auditorium, Nashville 1989

Now I’m a housewife, spend most of my time just working on my hobbies, things have been good to the points I can have a Season Ticket to the Flames now, and I’ll try to write and share things from my perspective when I can or feel its of interest.  I also enjoy singing Karaoke on the internet on SingSnap as Vistadeck, I play guitar and piano – love country and blues mostly – country mostly pre-’90 lol, mind you I did get a kick out of seeing Sugarland at the Saddledome – but mostly love the older stuff.  I have a Gibson ES-335 for any of ya players out there.  Thank you for taking time to read my writings or looking at pics 🙂

Tina Johnson,

Calgary, Alberta

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